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About FHNP

Our Story

We are a group of residents committed to the safety and livelihood of  our residential community. Being able to rest easy at night knowing that our neighborhood is being observed and assessed, routinely, by a trained outsourced security team. Establishing a neighborhood patrol is one step in helping our fellow neighbors gain a sense of security while enjoying their daily lives. 

Federal Hill Neighborhood Patrol

Message from FHNP's President

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  • How do I become a member of the FHNP?
    Send or bring a check to 210 East Montgomery Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. You may also make a PayPal or credit card payment via the link provided on this website.
  • Who'll provide the Federal Hill Neighborhood Patrol service?
    We contract with well vetted, well qualified security companies that are licensed and experienced.
  • How long has FHNP been in operation?
    We initiated our pilot program in May 2021. Due to significant neighborhood support, we are now back for our third year of running the Patrol.
  • What additional services will be offered members of the FHNP?
    For those who become members of the FHNP there will be a call-for-escort-home service, helping residents from their parked cars to their front doors. There will also be the option to have Patrol team members keep an eye on your home while you're away.
  • Will the FHNP police the park?
    No. The FHNP will not "police" anywhere per se, only providing an additional vigilant presence. Federal Hill Park will continue to be covered by the Baltimore City Police. ​
  • How much will it cost to become a member of the FHNP?
    We are requesting donations of $300 to support our 2023 program. A review of costs will be made in late 2023.
  • How will the FHNP work?
    Members will fund a dedicated and clearly marked security vehicle that will circulate residential Historic Federal Hill with flashing yellow lights for a set number of hours each Friday-Sunday and randomly at other times. As it has in other Baltimore City neighborhoods, this additional safety measure should deter would be criminals, encouraging them to avoid our area.
  • Does the FHNP take the place of Baltimore City Police officers in your neighborhood?
    Absolutely not! The Baltimore Police Southern District Commander and our City Councilman are fully aware of and supportive of our efforts to launch and maintain a citizen-funded security presence. The Police Department views the Patrol as an asset for them, providing additional eyes in the neighborhood.
  • Who's behind the FHNP?
    The founding directors of the nonprofit FHNP are all homeowners who've resided in the neighborhood on average for more than 20 years. Their names appear on this website.
  • Do other neighborhoods have a similar privately funded service?
    Yes, some of Baltimore City's most well-regarded neighborhoods have citizen-funded security patrols with Roland Park, Otterbein, and Guilford long-established programs.
  • What is the Federal Hill Neighborhood Patrol?
    A neighbor-organized effort to fund and deploy a safety and courtesy patrol vehicle circulating the residential areas of Historic Federal Hill.
  • Why do we need this service?
    The FHNP is a response by committed neighbors to increase "eyes on the street," reducing the opportunity for violent and nuisance crimes in our area.
  • Does the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association (FHNA) endorse the Federal Hill Neighborhood Patrol?
    While FHNA fully supports any well-reasoned initiatives to reduce crime in our neighborhood and are fully aware of our efforts, they do not specifically endorse the FHNP.
  • Are there plans to expand the area covered by the Patrol?
    Our plan is to keep the coverage area the same in order to maintain the current level of service with a single patrol officer and car. In order to increase the coverage area, additional officers and cars are needed and we would have to get significant additional financial support from an expanded group of neighbors. We would be happy to advise anyone who would want to organize a patrol for a direct expansion or additional parts of the neighborhood.
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